Providing Land Surveying For More Than 60 Years

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Providing reliable, precise measurements and valuable guidance on municipal, commercial and residential land parcels.

Our office and field personnel are extensively trained, highly skilled, licensed and/or certified surveyors and chainmen.

Applying the right surveying technologies to provide quality services and deliverables.

UAS (Drone) Survey & Mapping

Cinquini & Passarino provides aerial surveying via small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS). Adding a small unmanned aircraft system, more commonly referred to as a drone, to our toolbox enables Cinquini & Passarino to quickly provide our clients geo-referenced digital images.

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Project View®

Our ProjectView® photo collection services uses the latest imaging and positioning technology to dyamically collect high quality 360° panoramic images. The camera can be easily mounted to cars, trucks, hy-rails, or other ontrack equipment. Images can be collected at a rate of up to 16 feet between each picture.

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Laser Scanning

Our 3D high definition laser scanners can produce complete point clouds of existing buildings and rooms. Anything that the scanner can see will be captured in a precise virtual model, registered, sanitized and delivered to you.  These point clouds can be used for anything from topographic mapping, panoramic walkthroughs to as-builts.

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