Construction Staking Napa

Throughout our history, Cinquini & Passarino has been providing builders in the Napa area with timely and efficient construction staking, also know as a site layout survey. This process ensures that a project can be built in accordance to the engineered plans by interpreting and translating the construction plans with physical onsite markings of the proposed structures, such as buildings, fences, underground/aboveground utilities, or roads. The staked reference points will serve as a visual guide for the progress of your project. Our high quality boundary survey services will provide you with the appropriate parcel map to complete your project.

Cinquini & Passarino’s typical construction staking projects in the Napa area include residential subdivisions, business parks, office complexes, schools, roadway construction, vineyard and winery improvements and pipeline or utility construction projects. Our methodology provides contractors with easily identifiable reference points. We thrive on quality and adaptability, enabling us to provide the construction information needed in accordance with the client’s desired format. For example, reference points can be tailored to suit your needs, on both the construction site and on your parcel map.

We will gladly evaluate a request for your construction staking, topographic survey, boundary surveys and laser scanning projects in the Napa area. Simply fill in the necessary information into our “Request for Construction Staking” form (*%form link) and fax it to us at (707) 542-2106. Once we review the request, we will contact you to confirm the scheduled date for the work. Upon receiving the initial notice to proceed with work, we will have our field crews on your site within five days, and after the initial notice to proceed is received, we will be onsite within 48 hours. We always take the time-sensitive nature of your construction project into account, and are highly responsive to the needs of construction professionals.

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