Hydrographic Survey and Mapping

Cinquini & Passarino has always been at the forefront of new and emerging technologies. One of the latest technologies we recently implemented is the integrated use of an echo sounding transducer and our high precision survey grade GPS equipment.

An echo sounder captures depth readings during surveys of reservoirs, ponds and rivers. Although this technology has been used for a long time, our unique ability to easily integrate a hydrographic survey with our best-of-class topographic mapping will save you time and money over conventional methods.

This integration allows our field crews to quickly and easily switch from GPS topographic surveying to GPS hydrographic surveying in a matter of minutes. Combining these two technologies also enables our office staff to easily and more efficiently combine a hydrographic survey with an upland topographic survey, resulting in a shorter project duration. This particular echo sounder uses a single beam transducer with a narrow beam width of 9 degrees. This narrow beam ensures that the depth readings are accurate, giving you the confidence that our hydrographic mapping is also accurate.

A recent article appeared in the July, 2009 issue of POB Magazine highlighting one of our combined Hydrographic surveying projects

A follow up article appeared in the publication Technology and More, in issue 2009-3

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