Laser Scanning Healdsburg

LASER SCANNING HEALDSBURGCinquini & Passarino Inc. is excited to provide cutting edge 3D laser scanning in Healdsburg to our valued clients. While we are proud of our over sixty year record of delivering quality traditional land surveying service such as the parcel survey, we also recognize the added value of new technology. Laser scanning provides detailed, real time data of site conditions. This data is compatible with design software such as AutoCAD Civil 3D and Revit. The uses of this data are virtually endless, and can result in major cost savings through detecting clashes and deviation from design conditions.


Laser scanning has many uses for any Healdsburg area project, including development of a detailed and customized topographic map or survey for a project site. It can be used to develop as-built drawings for wineries and provide a dynamic record of site work for project stakeholders. It can also be used by the project team to monitor conditions such as settlement and movement. A 3D laser scanner can collect over 200,000 data points in a second. This creates a power and detailed data set for inclusion into a BIM model. Laser scanning is also an ideal way to record and map inaccessible areas, such as confined spaces or busy roads


Our laser scanning deliverable will be customized to your Healdsburg project, depending on the intended end uses. The deliverable could be anything from a simple point cloud data set to be extracted and used as you need, to an as-built BIM model to be used by maintenance personnel and other end users of the facility. Each file includes detailed identification of the data set relative to the project, for easy future use. Whatever your project requirements and capabilities, our laser scanning service can work for you. We also provide a full range of quality traditional surveying services such as parcel survey and topographic map development.