Laser Scanning Napa

Laser scanning is a useful technology in the Napa area for creating a two- and three-dimensional topographic map, for reconstructions of structures as they were originally built, and for monitoring movement of structures and/or the substrate, including the mapping of landslides. Incorporating this type of digital data into your project is also useful for monitoring the evolution of a worksite and for settlement surveys. Cinquini & Passarino is able to rapidly collect data-rich information of your site’s conditions that can be inserted into most design software, including Autocad Civil 3D and Revit.

This technique is rapidly becoming the industry standard due to its rapid data collection and broad range of applications. We employ a laser scanner that will collect up to 250,000 points per second. The equipment and this technique allows us to collect a large amount of data in a relatively short time period while generating a higher resolution topographic map than what could be done in the same amount of time with traditional equipment. Furthermore, the use of laser scanning allows us and the client to assess Napa’s more difficult to assess locations, such as sites where access is restricted or not possible due to safety constraints such as traffic, elevation, or hazardous site conditions.

The deliverables on our laser scanning services, topographic surveys, boundary surveys and construction staking in Napa can vary between a sanitized point cloud to a full three-dimensional model in Autocad Civil 3D or Revit, in as-built BIM drawings, and in two-dimensional drawings. Civil engineers, architects, and designers can extract specific entities from the point cloud directly into AutoCAD. Each file will include detailed information about the location and its features in accordance to your specific request for your project. Cinquini & Passarino is adept at handling challenging projects by employing unique and creative surveying methods that will meet the highest standards for accuracy.

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