Aerial Topographic Survey and Mapping

Topographic surveys whether conventional or aerial provide digital information about the land elevation and features. Utilizing information such as project size, terrain, and the use for such surveys, we work with clients to determine the most cost effective survey and mapping method. Choosing the right method can often be critical for the overall financial success of your project.

We are familiar with preparing and coordinating aerial surveys using the latest technology such as LiDAR and Digital Mapping Processes, as well as conventional mapping methods.  Once we gain an understanding of your project, we will work with you to determine the most cost effective mapping solution.  We will also provide you with a comparison of the benefits and limitations of each process and technology.  When large areas of land, typically over 20 acres, are to be mapped, the most cost effective method is usually an aerial topographyCinquini & Passarino will set ground control positions and provide the horizontal and vertical control for the aerial flight performed by our subconsultant. We then coordinate with the subconsultant and schedule the aerial flights to complete the aerial mapping.

Aerial mapping may be in black and white or color and will vary in cost in relation to the size, accuracy and terrain. Uncontrolled photos sometimes referred to as obliques may also be provided for your project. Aerial mapping is best used for early planning purposes or large projects and must be supplemented with ground topographic surveys to meet the requirements for engineering design.