Construction Staking

Throughout our history Cinquini & Passarino has been providing builders in Sonoma County  and the surrounding area with responsive construction staking. Within five days from initial notice to proceed and 48 hours’ notice thereafter, our field crews will be on your site. We understand and are highly response to the needs of construction professionals.

Cinquini & Passarino's construction staking methodology provides a contractor with reference points that are easily identifiable even from a distance. For contractors who like to have their reference points a certain way, we can easily adapt and provide the construction information needed in the contractor's desired format. Our typical construction staking projects include residential subdivisions, business parks and office complexes, schools, roadway construction and reconstruction, and pipeline or utility construction projects.

Construction Staking Request
Requests for construction staking for current projects can be made via fax. Simply fill in the requested information into our "Request for Construction Staking" form (PDF 17 Kb) and fax it to us at (707) 542-2106. Once we review the request, we will confirm the scheduled date for the work.