Railroad Survey and Mapping

Cinquini & Passarino knows the challenges of surveying within railroad corridors.  Railroads have unique challenges and difficulties that require advanced training of surveyors from safety to terminology and procedures.  We routinely perform the following surveys:

We are familiar with the procedures to establish an original right of way based on historical data and the curve charts established by the early railroad surveyors. Cinquini & Passarino understands that many of these alignments are over a century old.

Cinquini & Passarino is at the forefront of several new and emerging technologies. One of our recently implemented technologies is the Trimble GEDO System. This technology allows us to quickly survey railroad alignments with greater accuracy.  In fact, we have achieved up to millimeter accuracy when requested by our clients.

The GEDO System is well known outside of the United States having been used on most of the major railroads and high speed railroads throughout the world. We have embraced this technology to continue our commitment of providing each of our clients with most efficient and most cost effective methods to accurately and quickly locate rail geometry for their projects.

Pre-tamping services are also offered by Cinquini & Passarino.  We can support your premeasurement needs by allowing for or creating the tamping runs for your tamper to meet the new engineered design.   Utilizing these techniques will allow you to increase your tamping efficiency by up to 30%.

Cinquini & Passarino provides survey grade quality control surveys, clearance surveys, design surveys, pre tamping, and track layout. Many of these survey reports can be provided in the field before our crews leave the job site.  The proven GEDO Technology combined with Cinquini & Passarino expertise in measuring will help to assure your project is completed on time, if not earlier.