Wetland Survey

Cinquini & Passarino recognizes the need for projects to meet today's environmental mitigation requirements such as the California Environmental Quality Act to protect threatened or endangered species like the California Tiger Salamander. To assist our clients in the location of environmentally sensitive areas, we offer wetland surveys.

Working in conjunction with our client's biologist, our field crews skillfully collect data to create a topographic map showing the limits of the delineated wetland area and the surrounding natural ground. More challenging than a typical topographic map, a wetland map often requires greater accuracy and a contour interval of less than one foot. It takes a trained eye to identify and collect the minor variations of the ground surface.

In the past few years, we have mapped several hundred acres of existing wetlands for the development of wetland mitigation banks and tiger salamander habitat. We have also provided assistance to biologists to draft wetland exhibits and provided construction staking to complete the wetland mitigation banking projects.